Acton Lord (20)

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This Author of existence writes a story not to my liking...perhaps there is a way to corrupt the story itself, and thus gain power? An intriguing inversion of Lord Acton's premise...corruption empowering.
—The first Acton Lord, Acton Lord #0

On Earth-20, the Acton Lord dynasty is one of the most powerful and enduring net.villain legacies. Remaining independent from organizations such as W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R., the Acton Lords have plotted and schemed to master Earth-20 through the power of Drama and metafictional awareness, never quite winning but never being completely defeated. They make their home in the Twisted Library (sometimes called the Chancel).

See Acton Lord #0 for more on their history.

Known Members

  • Acton Lord I, name unknown (died 1921)
  • Acton Lord II, Ian McGuinness
  • Acton Lord III, Alex
  • Acton Lord IV, name unknown
  • Acton Lord V, Graham Franklins
  • Acton Lord VI, Sigrid Franklins