Aeneas and Ferris

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Aeneas and Ferris was a much-loved series by K. Michael Wilcox from the early days of the LNH, focusing on Ferris Alejandro Jones, AKA Deductive Logic Man, and his friendship with immortal mad scientist/"villain" Aeneas Boddy.

The twosome move into a suburban mansion and face a number of strange menaces, such as Gremlins, sentient cockroaches (which Aeneas himself created), and, of course, the neigbors. However, the focus of the series was on the relationship between the two of them.

It spun off The Aeneas Boddy Chronicles and Vulture Team Clooless. It's also, in a somewhat distorted form, a highly popular TV series on Earth-20.

It can be read at the Eyrie or on K.M. Wilcox's old page.