Bart the Dark Receptionist

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Bart the Dark Receptionist is a net.villain/receptionist created by Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: Bartholomew Sears
Aliases: King Qwert-El
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain, somewhere in the cosmos...
Usability: Not Reserved


Bart Sears was originally an ordinary receptionist who was hired by Tsar Chasm, along with Kyoko Ishikawa and Lester O'Brien, to work shifts alongside Fred and Crystal in the LNHQ lobby.

For some reason, he wasn't satisfied with this life. (Possibly this was because, according to early rosters, he worked the midnight-to-6:00 AM shift, which would drive anyone bananas.) He sold his soul to Frank, Dark Lord of the 1970s for some type of powers, and became Bart the Dark Receptionist! He battled Kid Kiwi's Kommandos, but was defeated, and escaped along with with a band of supervillains.

He wasn't heard from again until the end of the Infinite Leadership Crisis. It was revealed that he had made a deal with the Bryttle Brothers; if he helped free them, they would give him the means to become King Qwert-El, an ancient monarch who ruled the planet Qwerty for a million years.

He fulfilled his side of the bargain, tricking Occultism Kid into freeing them at the end of Beige Countdown. With the Ring of Retconn, the Insanity Gauntlet, and the LNH Dice of Doom, he tricked the Qwertians into making him king. However, he went in search of even greater power, and was frozen in mystic ice for most of the million years.

When the LNH came to reckon with him, he made himself immune to the powers of every LNHer, but was brought down by one not part of that team. Stripped of his devices and powers, he still managed to escape through time, but ended up on a Qwertian ship right as the Dvorakians attacked...


Originally fairly relaxed and nice; by the time of the Infinite Leadership Crisis, was corrupted into egotism, mockery and sadism.

Powers and Abilities

The demonic powers he got from Frank, Dark Lord of the 1970s allowed him to control receptionists and make deals.

After his deal with the Bryttle Brothers, he got full access to major cosmic artifacts, and used those to power himself up even more - making him, among other things, immune to every LNHer's powers. (It's not known if he went through and immunized himself to each one individually, or simply made a rule stating that he was immune to the powers of net.heroes who were members of the LNH.)


When demonic, wore a leisure suit emblazoned with a black memo pad and telephone, and was surrounded by a dark flame. When cosmic, wore shiny armor and a royal blue cape, a la Tsar Chasm.