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Boy Lad is a archetypal net.hero created by David R. Henry. See also Lass Lady. Not to be confused with Boy Redundant Lad or Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr..
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Joe Norm
Primary Writer: None
Status: Founder of the original version of the LNH (Classic Team), current status unknown
Usability: Not Reserved


The history of Boy Lad is shrouded in myth and uncertainty, and the most substantial information we have about him is from a story told by a man who may or may not exist. Nonetheless:

Boy Lad was a hero who "fought crime with a grin and a gun," who battled the Kaiser's forces in World War I. One day, he found a briefcase with the letters LNH on it. He went on to found the prototypical version of the Legion of Net.Heroes, setting up the LNHQ in the Net.ropolis Grand Hotel. (It is not clear whether this version of the Legion ever had any other members; the only known members are dubiously existing one such as Haven't-Seen-You-In-A-Long-Time Lad and Exclusionary Boy of the Intangible Legion) Eventually, this version of the Legion came to an end and Boy Lad disappeared, but he lived on as an inspiration in the memory of Net.ropolis.

Much later, the spirit of Exclusionary Boy of the told a lovelorn Particle Man a story by way of advice, of how Boy Lad fought and defeated a dragon at the cost of losing his chance at the one woman he ever loved.[1]

Boy Lad has not been seen since the 1940s, although several entities impersonating him appeared during the Omaha Project.


Exclusionary Boy remembered him as an decent man who loved regular people, a powerful and inspiring presence who was nonetheless completely hopeless with women.

Powers and Abilities

Like many Golden Age heroes, Boy Lad lacked any powers except for intense determination and a gun.


Handsome enough to make all the women of Net.ropolis swoon over him. (And undoubtedly men as well.)


Had a sidekick, Boy Lad Jr. (who was not a member of the Legion, due to the "no sidekicks allowed" rule).



  1. This story was told in Particle Man Annual #1, one of the most acclaimed LNH stories, a bittersweet and affecting tale which exists for the sake of a godawful pun we won't give away here – Footnote Girl