Doctor Ashley Variel

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Doctor Ashley Variel is a doctor and paranormal investigator created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Ashley Marsha Variel
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Practicing medicine in Net.ropolis
Usability: Not Reserved


Dr. Ashley Marsha Variel is an accomplished and well-known doctor with her own private practice. She had came from a family of police officers in Sig.ago but defied her family tradition and became a medical doctor instead because she didn't want anyone's death on her conscience. She became estranged from her family and moved out of Sig.ago. After graduating with honors from a Net.York medical school, she moved to the DC area to be further away from her ex-boyfriend, who had hurt her greatly.

At 34, she became part of the net.hero world when she encountered Carolyn Forge. She diagnosed her pregnancy and helped deliver her baby. Not long afterward she met Jerome Gully, then a medical intern and parapsychologist at George Washington University. They worked together to help Carolyn and Boy Redundant Lad, and soon moved to Sig.Ago to work at a hospital, building a relationship with The Team. She later reconciled with her sister Blanca, a retired policewoman, and set up a new private practice with Gully, employing Blanca as their secretary and moving into her house along with her cat Dirigible.

When Gully finally admitted his feelings to her, they became involved, but all too soon afterward he took his own life to save her from a demon born from his own fears. He willed her all of his considerable secret wealth so she could look after herself and the triplets they had conceived.

She has since moved to Net.ropolis and become a physician there; Maddie Turnip gets her hormones from her.


Reserved and thoughtful. A determined skeptic of paranormal phenomena.

Powers and Abilities

A skilled medical practitioner. Able to keep her head in a crisis.


Wears a white lab coat and a short skirt and black shoes.