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Earth-SW12 (Superhuman World 12, in the reckoning of the Council of Ordered Realities; also known as "Earth-Power") is a world created by the Powernauts of different eras by pushing the Cosmic Reset Button (but not that one). It allowed for an escape from the dying Earth-SW10.

Though Earth-SW12 is not part of the Omnilooniverse, its history reflects aspects of various LNH worlds that the Powernaut's fractal timeline has crossed into. For instance, Galatea and Lass Lady fought alongside the Powernaut during World War Two. It's not yet known how much of Earth-SW10's history carries over to Earth-SW12, though it is known that all of SW10's immigrants had a past waiting for them when they came.

The Power School exists on Earth-SW12, as does Net.ropolis High School, whose principals are Ultimate Ninja and Galatea, and whose Battle Chess team is known as The Legion of Net.ropolis High.