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The Eightfold imprint, created by Amabel Holland and Jamie Rosen, is one of the largest non-LNH universes on RACC. According to the RACC FAQ, it is "A closed universe that encompasses serious superheroes, comedy, memoir, and just about anything else: high-quality fiction of any stripe is welcome." Its stories are posted under the 8FOLD tag.

Though Eightfold has never crossed over with the LNH, it has its own version of Kid Enthusiastic, a computer intelligence with the same bright-n-shiny demeanor. Along with Amabel and Jamie, Saxon Brenton, Drew Nilium, Wil Alambre, Dave Van Domelen and Jeanne Morningstar have written stories for the imprint.

Eightfold won RACCies:Favorite Story Universe in 2014 and 2015, and Eightfold stories have won many RACCies, including Favorite Series, Favorite Miniseries, Favorite Action/Adventure, and Favorite Drama/Acraphobe.