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Flame Wars Final is a Classic LNH crossover that started in 2013 and ended mumble, with the main miniseries written by Drew Nilium and tie-in issues written by Arthur Spitzer, Scott Eiler, and possibly others.

See also The Flame Wars, Flame Wars II, Flame Wars III, Flame Wars IV, Flame Wars V, Flame Wars VI, and the term flamewar.


It has been a relatively peaceful time for the LNH since the Dorf plague was ended. But the mysterious Irony Man II looks towards the future. Pieces have been put into place. Foreshadowing has been dropped into stories. Something is coming...


Something comes! A force called The Laziness is approaching the Looniearth, sending its power across space to create the Servants of Sloth. Irony Man goes on a desperate quest to find the Messiah of Sincerity. But when the Agents of the Inter.Net appear from the 1,992nd century, it becomes clear that the only way out is through the flames!

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Second Phase Tie-Ins

Third Phase

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