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Flipseid is a dark lord of the New Mods created by Dave Van Domelen. See also Barkseid.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: All will know the face of Flipseid and tremble
Primary Writer: None
Status: Ruler of Topphorti, threat to all free will in the cosmos, disco infernal
Usability: Not Reserved


For ages untold, since before the twin worlds were shattered, Flipseid has ruled over the shadow side of the Net.Gods. It is said that in times forgotten, he met a woman at the crossroads, and gave her her heart's desire; and in the fullness of time, she became the Crossover Queen. And he took the heart of the Kirbian.

No one knows who is willing to speak of the day Flipseid realized that it was in the rhythmic heartbeat of the Looniearth that the Anti.File Equation lurked. In his early clashes against Sig.Lad, Acton Lord used Flipseid's name and image as a disguise, but the tyrant of Topphorti seems to have considered it below his notice.

In the next universe over, however, it was Flipseid himself who moved against Earth, sending dance remixes of New Mods and LNHers alike in an attempt to bring back the Disco Age. He was slowed by the Lethal Lawyer Corps and by Highfidelity, his reborn counterpart on the side of light, but it was the LNH and Kid Kirby who dealt the final blow. In his defeat, he cursed them – and their world was destroyed by Spham. The only survivor was Fearless Leader, who had come to Looniverse-A seeking help – too late, too late.

Even in Looniverse-A, however, he already had one eye on this world. When a council convened to discuss the problem of Earth, he told them in no uncertain terms that it was his hunting ground, not theirs. But Splashpage declared humanity as the most important in the cosmos, and used her powers as a Fifth Level Adeptus of the Fourth Wall to transform all present into their Official Handbook of the Looniverse entries. This displeased Flipseid. He decided that Earth should be taught a lesson, and so, sent OMAR to wreak chaos on Net.ropolis. Though the LNH defeated OMAR, Flipseid was pleased at the chaos he'd wrought, and retrieved his black heart. Fearless Leader was less pleased, and sent a strike force to Topphorti. But Flipseid was ready, and used his Discomega Beams to send them to Limbo, removing them so utterly that the mission itself retroactively unhappened.

General Jarrek and his faction of Dorfs attacked Topphorti in an effort to take OMAR's heart. Flipseid allowed them to have it, curious about the chaos they would wreak on the LNH and the Looniearth. In the end, both Jarrek and the Heart were destroyed. Yet Flipseid grinned, because this showed the true power of the Anti.File Equation— power that would be his!


A complete and total megalomaniac. Patient and calculating, but can and will lash out in anger with his full might. Enjoys disco and many forms of dance music and EDM.

Powers and Abilities

Flipseid's full capabilities are unknown, but the whispered legends speak of vast power. His known personal abilities include the Discomega Effect, piercing eyebolts that can send an individual to Limbo, and the ability to create dance remixes of people— twisted versions answerable only to him.

He is undisputed ruler of the planet Topphorti and has the full might of that planet behind him, including the fearsome Club Bangers and the New Mods that begrudgingly serve him.

Has hella moves on the dance floor.


Has a craggy face and skin like a grooved vinyl record with glowing red eyes. Wears a blindingly white leisure suit, studded with rhinestones, bellbottoms, platform shoes and a gold medallion.