Giant Sewer Rat

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The Giant Sewer Rat is a giant sewer rat created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland, Saxon Brenton
Status: Disembodied consciousness last seen floating in the afterlife, clone currently active in net.villainy
Usability: Free for use


The Giant Sewer Rat was an extremely evil giant sewer rat who wanted to take over Net.ropolis. It fought Manga Girl and Malingerer Lad, and was defeated when Golden Man threw a rabid cat at it. (Probably due to some kind of Silver Age weakness.)

But death was not enough to stop the evil of the Giant Sewer Rat. It created a clone body, but then found its original consciousness could not enter it. Instead it floated off into the afterlife, where it discovered the secrets of the planet Net.mesis and drew up a plot to take over Net.Hell. It was defeated by the temporarily-deceased Cheesecake-Eater Lad and Cannon Fodder together with Captain Rat Creature, but it was in a decade-old unfinished cascade so we'll probably never know how. The Clone of the Giant Sewer Rat allied itself with Barkseid in an attack on Groundswell.

In the alternate timeline created when Malingerer Lad retconned himself out of existence, the Giant Sewer Rat was among the villains who took over the world.



Powers and Abilities

Besides being a giant sewer rat, the Giant Sewer Rat was also a brilliant scientist who could escape death by projecting its consciousness and creating a clone body.


A giant sewer rat.