Hell's Titans

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Hell's Titans is an alternate-future tale of the end of the world, written by Jesse Willey – his first LNH series.

The end of the world is at hand, and the Cabbage-Wielding Angel of Death is on the loose. Can the LNH save the world? Well...

...no. Everybody dies on January 1st, 2000, except for Doctor Ashley Variel and Jerome Gully, who leave to start a new world.

It's mainly important as the first appearance of Boy Redundant Lad.

The initial Hell's Titans miniseries counted down from -6 to 0; Willey later wrote #-18, -17 and -16, which explored possible futures of characters from The Team and tied in with Flame Wars VI. These issues revealed the Hell's Titans timeline was the point of origin of the Headhunters.