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The Inhilators are a species of alien humanoids, created by Jamas Enright and Saxon Brenton.


The Inhilator homeworld was a planetary shell in garish, dayglo colors with a Plot Device for a core. It attacked the Looniearth during the War Without Worlds crossover, and after it was defeated, left several thousand of the Inhilator underclass behind.


Every Inhilator currently on Earth was once a member of the underclass, living their lives in a barely-conscious drugged-out state and having every aspect of their existence controlled by their rulers; since arriving on Earth, all of them have had to adjust to free will for the first time in their lives. Most have integrated fairly well into a society that already includes aliens, mutants, and net.ahumans, but some aren't as satisfied with their newfound freedom, forming the Respirists, who attempt to return to lotus eating by force.


Tall, thin, and purple.

Powers and Abilities

The Inhilators have racial psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis. However, not all Earth-bound Inhilators know how to use these.