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The InterKnights are a net.hero team created by Rob Rogers.


The InterKnights are a team of super-heroes – Belle of Rights, Cynical Lass, Excitable Boy and Obsequious Lad – operating out of, Eng.LAN.d in the Usenetted Kingdom. They play a role similar to that of the Legion of Net.Heroes, albeit on a much smaller scale.

The group is headquartered in an ornate Anteroom of Justice, with statues, sculpted columns and detailed frescoes holding up a sturdy stone roof of white marble. A bronze representation of the scales of justice stands before a fountain in front of the building. The team travels in what looks like a copy of Wonder Woman's invisible plane.

In 1995, the super-villain called the White Dwarf used his mental powers to seize control of the team. The Dwarf used his position to turn the InterKnights into a kind of religious cult, with its members acting as his enforcers. Freed of his influence by the actions of Easily-Discovered Man and the Legion of Net.Heroes, the InterKnights have since worked to rebuild their reputation. Member Cynical Lass has taken a leave of absence from the team to serve an internship with the LNH.