Jungle Cheesecake

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Jungle Cheesecake is an Ultimate Ninja storyarc by wReam with interludes by Martin Phipps, encompassing Ultimate Ninja #6-9 and System Corruptors #2a, which introduces the awe-inspiring Rung of Revamp! It concerns Onomato-Puweeah Person's quest for the Rung and the consequences it has for the Legion.

It also crossed over with LetterinG MaN, Tales of the LNH, Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 1, and The Good Guys.

Where to Read

It can be read on the Eyrie Archive over here. An extensive review/analysis of the story by Amabel Holland is here.


... hoooo boy.

There's a lot of stuff going on in this one. It's wReam at his wReamiest. But basically:

Onomoto-Puweeah Person is tired of being a "one-note" gag character who no one cares about, and wants to get ahold of the Rung of Revamp. She turns to one of the LNH's deadliest enemies, Lagneto, and his Netter Liberation Front! Together they go on a quest to find the Rung.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Ninja sends a strike team of heroes led by Cheesecake-Eater Lad to search for them. So of course they crash on the deserted island of Klag and find themselves up against the dangers it holds— including cannibals and the terrible jungle cow! Ultimate Ninja must figure out what's going before it's too late...

Meanwhile, wReamicus Maximus and the Acolytes of Dfandom are planning to seek the dreaded power of wReamed Acton Lord! wReamicus Maximus travels to the future, where he finds himself up against the power of the Perverticator!

Oh and there's also the debut of Theory Man, Renegade Programmer and Hamster Man. And the schemes of McLaughlin Man and Pointless Death Man and... Yeah, there's a lot going on.


Jungle Cheesecake introduced the Rung of Revamp, and two different characters transformed themselves with it – rosterWream became wReamhack, and Onomato-Puweeah Person became VAMMO Woman.