Lalo Martins

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Lalo Martins is a powerful source for weirdness and worldbuilding.

He started off with the Classic LNH series The Misunderstood Missions of Minority Miss and the LNH2 series Acra Flight, later spinning off 58.5, featuring the Acra Flight characters in the Classic Looniverse.

He became a foundational creator for LNH20, drawing up a lot of the framework and making many of the characters in the common toybox, and writing several chapters of the Spoon of Destiny Saga, Menace, and Tales of the LNH v20.

Weirdness Magnet is his Writer Character. In 2000, he won Accies:The Newbie Award and RACCies:Favorite New Writer.

He also administered the previous version of the LNH Wiki.