Loonited States of Ame.rec.a

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The Loonited States of Ame.rec.a (also known as the Usenetted States of Ame.rec.a; see Net.names) is a country on the Looniearth. It certainly thinks a lot of itself.

It is the country that Net.ropolis usually exists as a part of, and thus, the one that contains the majority of the LNH's adventures.

Its capital is Washington.gov (not to be confused with the state of Washingto.net). States within the nation include:

Presidential administrations include:

Notable laws include:

  • During the Beige Midnight crisis, both same-gender marriage and plural marriage were legalized, on the grounds that the world was about to end anyway.
  • The Net.ahuman Responsibility Act, which required all those with net.ahuman powers to register with the LNH. This was repealed after the impeachment of President Luthor.