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Manga Man Gold is a net.villain created by Drew Nilium. See also Manga Man.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Manga Man, Divine Blade, Pointless Awards Man IV
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active net.villain in the Sixniverse
Usability: Reserved for modern-day stories, free for use for historical stories


In meta-continuity, there was Manga Man. And then...

In 1920s Japan, during the build-up to World War II, two shikigami (familiar spirits) were summoned; one of hate, the other of art. They became part of a superpowered army unit, led by the tactical genius General Kamiken, and once the Second Sino-Japanese War started, were sent into battle against a superpowered Chinese unit, the result of which was a mystic explosion that fused General Kamiken with the two shikigami.

The newly fused being, codenamed Divine Blade, became the Japanese Army's most powerful and unpredictable asset, holding the soldiers he lead to victory to a rigid code of conduct until being distracted by ever-escalating battles against net.heroes. Finally, near the end of the war, a coalition of Allied net.heroes drained his power and sealed him in a statue.

Years later, he was freed by nuclear testing, and discovered that postwar Japan had started telling stories about him, calling him "Manga-otoko", or Manga Man. He took on this role and became a counterculture net.villain. But at the end of the '60s, one of his plans backfired. He was cast bodily into The Hungry Past, becoming aware of the structure of the Looniverse and his status as a fictional character.

He re-emerged at the beginning of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, a bodiless spirit haunting that era's Manga Man. Slowly regaining power, he saw Manga Man change over time and realized that he was moving away from being the villain that the world of the LNH needed. To fix this, he created Manga Man Black, re-awakening the Hungry Past and causing Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies to begin. But he became impatient with Black's planning and leapt into action himself, unleashing Manga Man's Evil Robot Duplicates and enacting a plan to overthrow the LNH from within.

Naturally, he was defeated. He leapt out of the universe as a strategic retreat – and then found he couldn't get back in. He floated in the space between spaces until he was sucked into the Sixniverse. Realizing that this seemingly-perfect world also needed a villain, he hatched a plan to use the RACCies to brainwash the world. And when Manga Man Violet, Blasferatu, and Thomas Ploteau came to confront him, he acted upon it...

At some point in his history, he had a relationship with Galatea and Circe and together they had a magically created daughter, Manga Girl.


Sarcastic and somewhat cynical, but holds himself to a high ideal, and sees villainy as a part of that. Considers himself to have an essential role in keeping society from complacency. Often self-deprecating.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, a powerful, flying melee fighter who drew his power from strong feelings of hate and strongly artistic things. Later, learned how to subsist on other emotions, as well as many mystic, scientific, and spiritual skills, allowing him a high level of flexibility in his schemes.


When he appeared, he looked just like Manga Man. His true body is formed of pure spirit, and probably looks all blue and misty, with white lines instead of black.