Marshall LaRocque

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Marshall LaRocque is a net.hero killer/troll created by John LaRocque and Martin Phipps.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Probably alive, whereabouts unknown
Usability: Not Reserved


Marshall LaRocque is an elite Dorf "hero-killer" who travels throughout the galaxy slaughtering net.heroes because they break the law, or because he feels like it.

He attempted to assassinate Elvis Man shortly before his induction into the LNH, but killed a homicidal Elvis impersonator instead. After altercations with several net.heroes and net.villains, during which he returned from the dead twice, he was defeated by the "Golden Ager".

Not long after, Marshall LaRocque was sent to Earth as part of a detachment of the Dorfian Imperial Guard to take revenge on Flameproof Lad, then trapped in his Flame Writer persona, for starting a flamewar with the Dorf Empire. He was thought to been killed by Flame Writer along with the rest of the Guard. However, his status as a Writer Character meant that he survived the blast (see #Context).

In the (probably false) memories of CyberSquid, Marshall LaRocque manifested in net.kooks during one of his periods of being dead and helped CyberSquid escape.

Many years later, the Dorf Empire used Marshall LaRocque as the template for a clone army who, unlike other Dorf, would actually follow orders without complaining. LaRocque asked for one unaltered clone who could be his son, Boba LaRocque. Deja Dude and some of his friends uncovered the plot, and Master Blaster incinerated LaRocque before his son's eyes. Boba was actually rather pleased by this.

Naturally, LaRocque popped up again years later, under the command of General Jarrek. After a fiery assault on the dark planet Topphorti, he participated in a stealth attack on the Looniearth and the Legion. But he and his fellow Dorfs were swept up in a great outpouring of grief, and departed peacefully alongside Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr.


An exemplar of Dorf values: rude, nasty, and 100% convinced that he is right. Practically worships Todd McFarlane.

Powers and Abilities

He is heavily armed and flies a "hero-killer" ship. He also seems to be practically unkillable, suggesting that he may have a connection to the Senseless Violence force that powers Cannon Fodder.


Wears leather boots, leather jacket, leather pants and decked with barbed wire, chains and spikes.


John LaRocque was a rec.arts.comics.misc troll who had a longstanding and acrimonious feud with Gary St. Lawrence. He created Marshall LaRocque to troll the Saint by killing off one of his characters, and other posters visited equal violence upon his own, leading to a brief cascade. Martin Phipps later inducted Marshall LaRocque into the Dorfian Imperial Guard, with the real-world LaRocque's permission.

Marshall LaRocque is based on Marshall Law, with perhaps a hint of Sergeant Rock.