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MegaMetal BlastLord is a half-werewolf half-giant quarter-demon quarter-saint hero created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Martin Wryce
Aliases: I-Haven't-Thought-Of-A-Superhero-Name-For-Myself-Yet Lad
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Active net.hero on Planet T-Bone
Usability: Usable Without Permission


Martin Wryce was a seemingly normal seminary student until the dreams began; dreams of people crossing a great watery expanse, with something important on the other side; dreams of great battles between good and evil. And then he woke from those dreams into body-horror cybernetic shapeshifting, which did not go at all well.

This turned out to be a result of his nature as a Teenaged Giant Halfbreed Angel awakening, triggered in turn by the awakening of his Astrally Traveling Werewolf Crusader side. He was visited by both Damian the Wondersock and Saint Christopher, each trying to sway him to the sides of Hell or Heaven. After some crises, his faith ended up leading him to St. Christopher's side.

TJ, possessed by Damian,

Banjo Dueling Kangaroos

Lisa the Nephilim, Kien the Tulpa and Tsurlich the Succubus


Powers and Abilities

Martin is the inheritor to the legacies of both the Teenaged Giant Halfbreed Angels and the Astrally Traveling Werewolf Crusaders. On the Giant side, he has the ability to bio-mechanically shapeshift, which, for him, started out as cybernetic body horror before he gained control. On the Werewolf side, he has spiritual and mental abilities, including astral projection, empathy, mind-reading, etc. which take time and training to unlock.


A black man in his early 20s, who, when in fully transformed mode, has smooth, cybernetic metal armor and a helmet.

Before he gained control over his shapeshifting, parts of his body were covered by jagged collections of metallic bits.


He is a distant descendant of Google.mesh.