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  Long ago there was a war between the gods of creativity and freedom, and the gods of repression and exploitation. The evil gods won.
The Liminals #2

As the Looniverse came into being, two races of posters emerged: the Net.Gods and the Net.Trolls. (It's not known whether the Net.Trolls are a faction of the Net.Gods or a separate race.) For many years, the Net.Gods, also known as the New Mods, existed, perhaps not in harmony but in balance, on two planets; the complicated, chaotic, but warm and creative Pandora (sometimes known as New Collins[1]), and the cold, polished, driven Topphorti, ruled by Flipseid, Lord of Disco.

And then the Multi-Tasker left his post, and the balance of the cosmos was lost; and there was a great upheaval; and Pandora faded into myth, and Topphorti became all cruel facets and slick covers. And thus it is to this day...

The Net.Gods have a deep connection to the concept of music, including and especially pop music, and all its genres, variations and history. (But notably, they stand wholly apart from Size-of-the-Entire-Universe Man and the TheyMightBePowers.) Some Net.Gods may also be Idolons.

Known Net.Gods include:

In Looniverse-AD, New Collins was still active, and the list included the heroic O'Brien (though the one that appeared in-story was a corrupted dance remix of the noble warrior) and Highfidelity, the planet's former leader.

How the Net.Gods relate to the New Dogs is currently unclear.


  1. After Phil Collins, drummer and then lead singer of Genesis. Not a reference that's used much anymore, as there are few people now who care that much about Genesis except Masterplan Lad, who vastly prefers the Peter Gabriel era.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Not textually established in story as Net.Gods, but like, come on.