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Plot King is a net.hero created by Todd Kogutt. Not to be confused with Plot-Device King.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Todd Kogutt
Status: Former member of the LNH, exploring the storytelling worlds
Usability: Reserved


Plot King was an alt.version of Rebel Yell that split off from him and went to beat up Manga Man, furious that MM's author had caused the plot to be confused by restarting the Cosmic Plot Device Caper after the Two-and-a-Half Month Gap. They tussled for the length of the Electrocutioner's Song.

After Electrocutioner's Song, he felt like his life lacked purpose. Discovering alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, he realized the infinite plot potential in the storytelling worlds of Usenet, and left to explore them.

Sometime during his travels, he was captured by the Crossover Queen, trapped in the Crossover Citadel and used to power a massive Plot Device. During the rift crisis, the LNH3k infiltrated the Citadel and freed him; he repaid them by resolving the climax of the story, then set off again, to explore the infinite possibility space of human imagination.


Is determined to see that plot threads, once started, are carried out.

Powers and Abilities

Can do nearly anything – if it's necessary to keep the plot going. (See also Plot Device.)


A figure of heroic stature garbed in a blazing red jumpsuit, adorned with many wicked-looking spikes. ALWAYS TALKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS, USUALLY WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS!


Alt.version of Rebel Yell, List Lad, and Allusion Lad.