Ripping Dancer

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Ripping Dancer is a former net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Tara Shreds
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Legion of Net.Villains, living a normal life in Net.ropolis
Usability: Usable With Permission


She got her powers from Manga Man. Seven potions a week. Each potion gave her powers and beauty for 24 hours. Manga Man gave her the task of causing Fearless Leader to fall in love with her. It turned out that Manga Man was working with Hexadecimal Luthor as a member of the HexFire Club and was using her to make Fearless Leader look bad in the 2007 LNH Election.

Manga Man considered Ripping Dancer a failure; he craved to be overcome by a true hero, and she wasn't strong enough to do it. He sent tapes to the press that exposed her as a traitor. She was rescued from the LNH by a crew of Legion of Net.Villains members. She tried to commit suicide by touching the Beige Clock Tower, but was stopped by Fearless Leader.

Afterwards, she became a part of the Freedom Chip Resistance movement. As part of a plan to help free Bicycle Repair Lad from one of Hex Luthor's secret prisons, she became a member of the Legion of Net.Villains. During this time, she was influenced by the power of Romantic Innuendo and fell in love with Thread Bear. After helping free Bicycle Repair Lad, she decided to stay with the LNV because of this love. She also discovered that the potions had given her cancer. Lagneto lagged the cancer to keep it in remission.

Ripping Dancer manipulated the LNV into helping the the LNH take out the HexFire Club. She defeated Manga Man, proving she was far stronger than he had given her credit for. She almost killed him, but Fearless Leader stopped her. Mynabird, angry at the betrayal, kicked her out of the LNV and unlagged the cancer.

<fill in the rest of Beige Midnight>

After she retired from net.heroing, Tara got married, had kids, and embarked on a relatively normal life (as normal as you can get while still living in Net.ropolis, anyway). After an encounter with a vision of a dystopian alternate timeline[1], she reconnected with Fearless Leader, finally moving past her conflicted net.heroic desires.


Attempted to do the right thing, but was held back by her secrets and her past. Has finally gained some measure of peace.

Powers and Abilities

Can rip anything; paper, steel, bodies, minds, time, space. However, she has to be dancing in order to do so. When the potion that gives her her powers runs out, she returns to being an ordinary person.


When she has her powers, she tends to wear skimpy revealing clothes, and anything she wears appears to be ripped up. She's average-looking and overweight when the potion's power has run out, and tends to cover herself up.

When the potion is working, anyone who's sexually or romantically interested in women at all should be incredibly attracted to her, to the point where they have a hard time thinking about anything other than their desire.


She has been involved with Fearless Leader, and once loved Thread Bear due to influence by Romantic Innuendo. Self-Righteous Preacher and Manga Man were her biggest enemies.

After her retirement, she married a man named Tony, and had kids, including one named Suzy.


In the 2008 RACCies, she was awarded RACCies:Favorite Hero/Protagonist.



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