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Teenfactor is a government-run organization of teenage net.heroes (many of whom were mutants, but none of whom were ninjas, with one partial exception), created by Amabel Holland, from the series of that name. Jennifer Frost took over the team for a time, which led to many of its members leaving to form another Teenfactor team, led by Malingerer Lad, but they later rejoined. Teenfactor came to an end when Janis Kult destroyed their headquarters, killing most of the then-current team and its instructors.

As Amabel has Elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, some or all of its history may no longer be canon.


Original Members

Frost's Recruits

Later Members

Supervisors and Instructors

Pearly White was not an official member of the team but was closely associated with it towards the end of its existence.