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The Comics Connection is a Classic LNH miniseries written by Jameel al Khafiz, starring Kid Kirby, Comics Snob Boy, and a raft of LNHers.


A mysterious energy vortex sucks several LNHers - in alphabetical order, Browsing Boy, Cliche Dude, Comics Snob Boy, Continuity Champ, Doctor Stomper, Halls Jordan, Kid Kirby, Lost Cause Boy, Mainstream Man, Marvel Zombie Lad, Obscure Trivia Lad, Old Comics Man, Rebel Yell, and Ultimate Ninja – into an inky, extradimensional void. At the same time, several villains – Dyslexia of The Finishless, Harass the Horrendous, Fanboy King, Plotchopper and Manga Man – have been summoned as well, and the two groups battle.

Meanwhile, Comics Snob Boy is summoned to the lair of those behind this: pale people dressed in dark colors serving a mysterious master. They tempt him, promising to turn the Legion of Net.Heroes into the Legion of.People Who Have To Realistically Cope With Their Powers Just Like In Watchmen.

The two groups battle, and the Legion falls. Kid Kirby's creation explodes, summoning Sing-Along Lass, who is gravely wounded by Manga Man. As he takes desperate measures to save her, the Legion is brought to the villain's lair, and Comics Snob Boy discovers the mysterious master's true identity...


The Comics Connection set up the ongoing plot of Kid Kirby and Sing-Along Lass, as this is where the two are bound, leading to the Lass becoming the Kid's herald.

Where to Read

The complete miniseries is available as a single file here.

Jameel also wrote an Elsewhirls story, What If Kid Kirby Had Died During the Comics Connection?, that can be read here.