The Tribulations of Kid Review

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A review series written by Drew Nilium. It follows Kid Review, AKA the Drew Nilium of the Looniverse, who does the RACelestials' bidding by using the Review Force to judge the content of stories on rec.arts.comics.creative.

See also Kid Review's Roundup.


  • #1: Reviewing 58.5 #1-46 and Jolt City #1-8
  • #2: Reviewing F.I.S.H. Force, Mister Blister and Sister State-the-Obvious #2, Jolt City #18, A Singular Fire, and Beige Countdown
  • #3: Cardoid Attacks, Part 1: Reviewing Beige Midnight #1-4 and My Father's Son #1
  • #4: Cardoid Attacks, Part 2: Reviewing Godling #18, Silver Arrow #1-3, and Maximum Frame Purge RACCWriMO Special: Dream Obliteration Apprenticeship
  • #5: Into the Letters Page, Part 1: Reviewing Superhuman World November 2010: "Beyond the Door"
  • #6: Into the Letters Page, Part 2: Reviewing End of Month Reviews #86
  • #7: Into the Letters Page, Part 3: Reviewing Journey into Procrastination #1
  • #8: Into the Letters Page, Part 4: Reviewing The Super Wizard From Space #43
  • Powernaut 1987 Special: Reviewing, well, Powernaut 1987


The Cardoid Attacks arc won RACCies:Favorite Arc in the 2010 awards.