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Trans.alt.vania lies somewhere between Alt.veria and the Alts Mountains in Eastern Eu.rec. Its most distinguishing feature, barring the proud history of folklore and superstition, is that it happens to lie at an atmospheric node that attracts clouds like magnets do iron. Some blame the almost uninterrupted mountain ranges for the fluke, others point to more mystical sources for the anomoly.
The truth is that clouds just *like* the place.
LNH Triple Play #6

Trans.alt.vania is the Loonivearth equivalent of the real world Transylvania. In a world based on comics tropes, the place is, as you can imagine, crawling with vampires and other Gothic phenomena.

In Catalytic Conversions, a coven of Revampires run by Revampirella was headquartered there.

Not To Be Confused With