Ultimate Mercenary Reading Order

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I can't imagine what reading all of this nonsense in chronological order will be like.
Masterplan Lad, The Liminals #1

Ultimate Mercenary started off simple enough, but grew into an epic tale with a whole bunch of forking paths along the way. (And also was written super out of order.) Here's an approximation of a simple reading guide:

Somewhere in those unrevealed fates, the cast splits off.

Ultimate Mercenary ends up on Earth-20:

  • And slides straight into Ultimate Mercenary v20.
  • His appearances in the Spoon of Destiny Saga take place after all currently-published UM v20 issues, because of course they do.
  • His story will end in the impending The Last Days of Ultimate Mercenary.

The rest of the cast ends up in the Classic Looniverse:

There, that's not too complicated, right?



  1. Also issues 5-6 of The Liminals are a flashback set before issue 4 but that's OK, because those are meant to be read out of chronological order.