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Vixen is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Roxanne Winters
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Former member of Teenfactor, deceased
Usability: Free For Use


[As Amabel Holland has Elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, some or all of Vixen's history may no longer be canon.]

Roxanne Winters was a mutant. Once she dated a giant robot-obsessed supervillain named Dane, but got tired of his small-town-destroying ways. Even after she broke up with him, she showed something of a propensity for questionable life choices, as she joined the criminal mutant organization known as the Shadow Skimmers. Her teammate Jennifer Frost tried to kill her and another Shadow Skimmer, the man who would become Shaggy. They faked their deaths and became government operatives as founding members of Teenfactor, and she took the name Vixen.

When Frost returend and took over the team, Vixen was one of the members who quit to form their own Teenfactor, led by Mable Phillips, Malingerer Lad. His team stayed in the LNHQ for a time, where Vixen used her powers to make many of the male LNHers (notably Self-Righteous Preacher and Master Blaster) do embarrassing things and caught them on tape. Naturally, they weren't too happy about this, and formed the Vixen Revenge Squad. Eventually, Self-Righteous Preacher was taken over by his repressed dark side, Vice and captured all the female members of both Teenfactors, leading to the two teams rejoining.

Vixen had grown close to her new teammates and remained happily with Teenfactor for a long time. She supported Carolyn through her pregnancy and took Lamaze classes with her. She also started dating Mable. Unbeknownst to her, when trapped in an alternate timeline, Mable had slept with that timelines Roxanne, not wanting to die a virgin. As a result, he was infected with HIV. When Mable found this out, he left the team and she was devastated.

Not long afterwards she went for a night on the town – not exactly a date – with her old friend Shaggy, who himself was recovering from a breakup with the Unhuman Sandy. Even a fight with the constantly-retconned net.villain The Gimmick didn't keep them from having fun, and they soon pursued an actual romance. They didn't get to enjoy it for long, though, as Janis Kult attacked the Teenfactor HQ in an attempt to get revenge on Voidmaster and killed them both.


Very mischievous, and prone to using her powers to spread chaos. But she was also supportive and caring, a good friend to all her teammates (except Electra, of course).

Powers and Abilities

Vixen had the power to dive anyone attracted to women wild with desire, and make them to do whatever she wants.


A stunning purple-skinned redhead.