Writer's Block Woman

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Writer's Block Woman is a net.hero created by Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler.
Alter Ego: Alys Simons
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jaelle
Status: Single. Oops. Hero, member of the LNH.
Usability: Usable With Permission


Writer's Block Woman was Net.Zealand's resident superhero. Although she enjoyed her work, she often felt discontented, as Net.Zealand didn't tend to have much in the way of supervillains, so it was with mixed feelings that she was kidnapped by King Konquerer and flown to the Loonited States. After defeating him, she decided to stay in the States and become a member of the LNH. She applied for a Green Card, along with her daughter and sidekick, Mouse, and after some difficulties, got it. She has since been involved in various adventures and is enjoying her life in the States.


WBW can be a bit bubble-headed at times, as a side-effect of her powers. She is very fond of shopping, and on her alimony, she can afford it. She's very noble and good, and expects everyone else to be noble too. She's always cheerful and enthusiastic... unless someone messes her hair or otherwise ruins her appearance, in which case she gets mad.

Powers and Abilities

The power of Writer's Block – a confusion power which results in everybody around her becoming confused ("blocked"). They are then extremely susceptible to suggestions, should any be forthcoming. The only drawback is that Writers Block Woman is susceptible to her own powers. Her daughter Mouse, however, is totally immune. Writer's Block Woman also has the power of flight.


Writer's Block Woman is about five foot nine, with long blonde hair and purple eyes. Her costume changes frequently but is always purple and gold, and made of various types of body armor.


Mother of Mouse, sometime-fiancee of CAW, ex-wife of Jonathan Connery.

Alternate-universe counterparts include Block Alys of Aotearoa.