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There were 58.5 weeks between the arrival of the New Misfits in Looniverse-A and the return of the LNH (as seen in the Infinite Leadership Crisis). During this period, there was a rule forbidding any new members from joining the LNH (although an exception was made for Incredibly Stupid Man, because nobody could convince him to stop applying). The eponymous series chronicles the adventures of the New Misfits during this period, and Cannon Fodder's journey of self-discovery.


The number "58.5" has become an iconic number associated with the Classic Looniverse, in parody of DC's use of 52. The "Cannon Fodder Triumphant" arc (issues #48-49) won RACCies:Favorite Arc in 2009.




  • Mother Time: Tamela Tyme, the Time Crapper's ex in several alt.ernate timelines.
  • Time Crapper: Master of the Rear-End of Time.
  • Crime Empire: An evil organization which has sprung up as the LNH has dwindled.
  • Lion Pack: A group of net.villain couples of different origins who ruled the California underworld with an iron fist. Definitely not the New Misfits' parents.
  • Yuppicons: Shape-changing non-organic aliens, come to enslave the Earth's people. Enemies of the Geekobots.
  • Evilverse Legion: The Lodge of Nightmarish Horror, a world "without any redeeming qualities".



The numbering of the series skipped forward between issues 13 and 17, and again between 29 and 39.