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Jump to navigation Jump to search, Oh.I/O, is a city in the Loonited States of Ame.rec.a. (Also known as Cincinnati and; see also Net.names.) It was the first major city founded after the Revolution. A boomtown during the 19th century due to its position along railroad lines and rivers, growth slowed after 1900. Currently, it is the third-largest city in Oh.I/O, with a racially diverse population and a highly-regarded educational system. was attacked by Roughhouse and Corkscrew as the first salvo of the Robot Invasion.

It is the place where the Queen Bee started her financial empire, and where the headquarters of Queen Enterprises is located; a lot of cloning and experimentation goes on there.

Later, it became the headquarters of the Alt.Riders. <More details when we re-read Alt.Riders.>