C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps (series)

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C.H.E.E.E.Z. Corps was an ongoing Classic LNH series by Kyle Lucke, all about the adventures of the fromage-based fighting force!

Freon has brought together a team of Cheeez-powered heroes – but when their leader disappears in a fiery flash, how will the remnants defend the Looniverse from Limburger Lad?

It spun out of Return of Cheeezarr: The Rain of Tomorrow, starting at issue #10. The series skipped issues #19-24, picking up with #25 – the last issue. There was also a Kid Cheeezarr Special, exploring the backstory of Kid Cheeezarr, that took place between issues #16 and 17.

The whole shebang can be read on the Eyrie Archive over here.