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Ereh.WAN was originally just another small nation. But when mapmaking first became a Formal Business, the first company to map their region didn't know where to put their logo – so they put it over Ereh.WAN. Other companies, lazy and following the trend, did the same, and Ereh.WAN quickly vanished from the memory of the rest of the world.

It took decades for the people of Ereh.WAN to realize what had happened, and they were crushed by it. But the generation after strove to fight back, beginning a program using the Net.ragen Mists to give children powers in the womb. But the program failed, children and mothers dying, but for one – Cabell, stabilized by cybernetic implants. He went to Net.ropolis to attack the mapmaking companies headquartered there, but Cheesecake-Eater Lad and a team of other LNHers talked him down, and he allowed himself to be taken into custody so he could start an Ereh.WAN Awareness Campaign.

Currently, they have an international embassy in the Abandoned Warehouse District of Net.ropolis.