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In 1992, members of rec.arts.comics answered the call and formed the Legion of Net.Heroes. In 2012, the call went out again!

LNH20 is a universe built from the ground up to bring together all the best parts of the original LNH! Anyone can come and join – just open up rec.arts.comics.creative and jump in!

The name "LNH20" represents the 20th anniversary of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, but can also be read as "LNH 2.0", signifying a new version of the story (as well as whatever people mean by Web 2.0). LNH20 is more focused on humorous adventure than the direct comic-book parody of the Classic LNH. (...but it was created as a parody of DC's "New 52" reboot, so take this with a grain of salt.) Writers are working around the clock to make sure that it's a place where anyone who wants to can jump in and write a story, with a cast of characters specifically given up to the public toybox.

By now, LNH20 itself has existed for over ten years; while often fading from the spotlight compared to other imprints, it's still played host to an increasingly wide variety of stories, including gleefully weird experimental works such as Writer's Block Person and Post-Metal Doomcore.