Lass Dragon (20)

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Lass Dragon is a flipping DRAGON created by Drew Nilium (character), Amabel Holland (concept). See also Lass Dragon (Classic).
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20), member of the Espionage Squad
Usability: General Use


No one is quite sure how Lass Dragon came to be a member of the LNH – at least, no one who'll give a straight answer. Rumors swirl around her origin like morning fog stubbornly refusing to yield to daylight.


Mysterious, secretive, and smug about it.

Powers and Abilities

In human form, can see perfectly in the dark and sense magic auras. In dragon form, is a dragon, with enormous strength, flame breath, flight, etc. Can also adopt an inbetween form, with hardened scales, claws, and various other draconic aspects.


The Dragon has implied that he and she are the last members of their race.


A three-eyed six-legged purple dragon, about thirty feet long, who turns into a twelve-year-old human girl.