League of New-Wave Heroes

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The League of New-Wave Heroes were a pop-based hero team that operated in the 1980s of the Classic Looniverse.

In 1984, they were caught in a deathtrap, and only escaped when Radio Star overloaded his powers and converted them into radio energy – leaving them floating, bodiless, thru space!

Fifteen years later, a musical confluence brought their consciousnesses back together, and Convoluted Origin Man's tsk.force received a desperate SOS. They managed to restore the team and team up to stop the capitalist nogoodniks that had scattered them, then returned the New-Wavers to their own time.

Little is known of what became of them after 1984, but Gothique stopped by to anonymously witness her own return to the past...


  • Leader: Radio Star
  • Rude Boy
  • Cowpunk
  • Metalhead
  • Gothique