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RoboMACs Exodus was the default setting of the professionally published version of the RoboMACs RPG, created by Dave Van Domelen as a more general mecha-y setting not as specifically tied to Transformers.

As Chris Meadows describes it:

It draws inspiration from various diverse sources, including ExoSquad, Galaxy Rangers, Gunbuster, Homer's Odyssey, and the Bible.
Exodus tells the story of a deep space exploration vessel, the Magellan, that sets off on a 10-year-subjective, two-century realtime journey to the stars. Along the way, they make some substantial technological breakthroughs that, among other things, allow them to return home a century early, to find that mankind has finally developed Artificial Intelligence...and it has taken over.
Now the explorer/colonists from the Magellan must fight the MAC rulers of the earth to win back the hearts and minds of its people...many of whom are quite satisfied with the New Order. Will the humans win? Or will the AIs triumph? It promises to be a long, intense struggle to find out.

Meadows would go on to cross over this setting with Team M.E.C.H.A. as part of the Grand Tour. There, Team M.E.C.H.A. got stuck in the RoboMACs Exodus universe while jumping around dimension warps trying to reach the Looniverse; they encountered identical counterparts of Mason, Mike and Summer. With their counterparts' aid, they built a portal which took them to a similar but very different world...

Sadly, the version of RoboMACs that included Exodus is now out of print and no longer available online.