Summer Meadows

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Summer Meadows is a normal person created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Member of the USO, presumably stationed overseas
Usability: Usable With Permission


Summer Meadows was first seen as a Christina Aguilera imitator at the Net.ropolis Mall. After being rescued from the Death Thoreaus, she became Easily-Discovered Man Lite's girlfriend. But after being inspired by his actions and the actions of those around him, she decided to do something with her life, and joined the USO.


Summer gets some witty lines, though not as many as Lite. She's unexpectedly serious about helping people.

Powers and Abilities

Summer Meadows is a perfectly normal human being. She does, however, have a very nice singing voice.


Blond, tanned, thin, good-looking.


Ex-girlfriend of Easily-Discovered Man Lite.