The Finishless

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The Finishless are a family of seven anthropomorphic personifications who embody some of the most important "cultural" concepts of the Looniverse, as opposed to the more clinical and "scientific" concepts of time and space embodied by Net.ernity and Nevertheless, the embodiment of death appears in both groups under different guises, so there may be more to things than they seem.

They were first mentioned in the Electrocutioner's Song, with Electrocutioner and Dyslexia appearing therein.

There are but seven:

  • The Electrocutioner, formerly Entertainment. The prodigal Finishless, who gave up his position and his name.
  • Dyslexia, who never could get the letters right.
  • Ending, our perky goth lady of death.
  • Enthusiasm, the burning fire of chaotic creativity and this really cool new thing I just thought of you guys!!
  • Ennui, patron of the tired and burnt-out.
  • Editing, who tries to bring some kind of sense out of this nonsense.
  • And one other, yet unrevealed.


The whole group is a parody of the Endless from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.