The Magus Kiwi

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The Magus Kiwi is a Kiwi created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: The Lawyer Kiwi
Primary Writer: None
Status: Head of The Kiwi Council
Usability: Not Reserved


During Mutton Mania, a concert full of fans were turned into sheep and herded to the LNHQ, which annoyed the Kiwis who saw it as their turf. But one kiwi defied the sacred codes of his kind and fell in love with a sheep!

To protect them, he dedicated himself to the dark arts of the legal profession, becoming The Lawyer Kiwi! But when all the sheep were changed back, their love could not survive. Alas.

Bereft of love, he continued down the path of malevolence and power, learning the ways of magic and becoming The Magus Kiwi, head of The Kiwi Council. When the 2023 LNH leadership election began and the Red Stapler War returned, he summoned The Piper of the Kiwis as his candidate for both...


Imperious and calculating. Can get scarily dedicated to things. Considers himself to be working for the benefit of the LNHQ's kiwis.

Powers and Abilities

Command of the arcane legal magicks, and also the arcane regular magicks.


As The Lawyer Kiwi, a Kiwi wearing an adorable suit and tie.

As The Magus Kiwi, a kiwi dressed in a blue waistcoat with mystic sigils inscribed on the lapels in gold, and a frilly white pouf at his neck held in place by a sapphire.[1]



  1. Based on the look of Manfred von Karma from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
  2. In Mutton Mania #4, there was a different kiwi lawyer, but #5 introduces this particular character.