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Tori is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: Tori Jinkozuno (人工頭脳鳥)
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: General Use


Tori is a member of the LNH, a robot, a legal citizen of Japan, a millionaire, and a very popular toy franchise.

It was built circa 1981 by Kid Enthusiastic, shortly after he gained his powers.

In the mid-90s, after Tori had saved the world and experienced teenage angst, the Saviors of the Net campaigned to have its rights recognized as a sentient being. Eventually, the Japanese Diet thought it would be a good public relations ploy to go with it, and gave Tori full citizenship. In a moment of inspiration, it went to Bandai while it was still in the public eye, and licensed its image to toys of all kinds, a successful series of video games, and an anime (which wasn't very commercially successful, but became a cult classic, and later had two equally failed, equally cultish relaunch attempts, the second one in late 2011). For a self-respecting young otaku, a plush Tori is about as mandatory as a plush Totoro.

Kid Enthusiastic and Tori remained close friends for about 20 years, and during the '90s, it was for all practical purposes Kid E's sidekick. But after an undisclosed adventure in the late '90s, things got sour between them, and by the time The Killfile went up, they had gone their separate ways.

By this point, Tori was a very rich robot. It went back to Japan and attempted to live a somewhat normal life, although the life of a Japanese celebrity is even farther from normal than that of an American celebrity. It released a few records, and was a sensation of the convention scene.

Then the Killfile ended, and the LNH Setup Kid knocked on its door (possibly metaphorically). It joined the LNH, seems to have rebuilt bridges with Kid E, and is now a member in good standing.


Intelligent, inquisitive, curious, passionate, kind of adorable.

Powers and Abilities

Multipurpose robot body. Artificial mind with above-average human intelligence and advanced computer skills. Awesome lasers and rockets and the like.

She experiments with different genders, and he can switch the pronouns used to refer to them in narration with xyr Pronoun Sequencer.


Looks kind of like a 1m-tall, classic-Anime stylized version of the Space Shuttle, with somewhat anthropomorphized head, and penguin-like flappers on the sides. Can walk upright, but also fly; the feet have small shuttle-like wings on the sides, and of course, rockets on the bottom. When fine manipulation is needed, a pair of cavities open in the chest and little robotic manipulators come out.

Speaks perfect English and Japanese, with a metallic voice.