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Martin Phipps was a prolific, controversial LNH Writer.

He wrote a truly impressive number of LNH stories, including LNH Volume 1, Deja Dude/Master Blaster, Lagneto Saga, Mortal Posting, Generation 2.0 and a majority of the stories in the LNH2 imprint. He was, at various points, maintainer of the LNH Timeline, the LNH FAQ and Roster, and other resources, and was one of the people keeping the LNH going in the lean times after the end of the '90s.

He also had a habit, over his entire career on RACC, of getting into fights with other writers. These fights often ended with the other person discouraged from writing, sometimes up to the point of leaving the group entirely; they sometimes also got the LNH as a whole in trouble with the writers of other imprints. In 2012, he wrote a story that resulted in a general backlash from the community against these habits, and he left the group.

His creations are not generally used anymore, out of respect for his ownership of them.