Correspondence From the Goddess

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Correspondence From the Goddess was a two-year-long maxiseries by Andrew Foltz. It was told in a series of letters from Lydia Devin and her sister Elana, covering what lead up to the universe being destroyed and put back together, and what happens after.

While the series never crossed over into the LNH, Lydia herself has made appearances in both the Classic LNH and LNH20. As well, it's won a stack of RACCies; RACCies:Favorite New Title, RACCies:Favorite Series, and RACCies:Favorite Drama/Acraphobe in 2012, and Favorite Drama/Acraphobe again in 2013.

The series is complete, and can be read in chronological order over here.

On RACC, it was published under its own imprint, GC, as were all crossovers with it.