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From the Files of Doctor Stomper, also known as The Stomper Files, is a series by Dave Van Domelen that delves into the scientific principles that underlie the Looniverse. Each issue is concerned with a single subject.

The series is basically posted whenever Dave has a good idea for one; the first three were in May 1995, the next two during 1997, and one each in 2005 and 2007.

Where to Read

The first six issues are on the Eyrie Archive here, while the seventh is available to read here.

Topics of Note

  • #1: Angst
  • #2: Retcons
  • #3: Off-Topic Posts
  • #4: Logic vs. Drama
  • #5: Science vs. Fiction
  • #6: Retcons Revisited
  • #7: The Poverty Plot