Cynical Lass

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Cynical Lass is a net.hero created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Joy Casterwick
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Member of the InterKnights, member of the Legion of Net.Heroes on probation, intern to Easily-Discovered Man
Usability: Usable With Permission


As a sharp-tongued, chain-smoking London teenager, Cynical Lass began her career as a member of the British super-hero group, the InterKnights. There, she was usually paired with member Obsequious Lad, since the combination of her bitterness and his glad-handed flattery tended to unnerve their enemies.

Like the other InterKnights, Cynical Lass fell under the power of the White Dwarf when the villain used his mind-controlling abilities to take over the group. His reign was ended by the Legion of Net.Heroes member Easily-Discovered Man, and Cynical Lass was so impressed that she decided to take a leave of absence from the InterKnights and become Easily-Discovered Man's intern in the Loonited States.

She has since accompanied him on many adventures, together with his sidekick, Easily-Discovered Man Lite, and fellow hero Substitute Lad. She has also branched out to adventures with the greater LNH, including becoming temporary leader during the Infinite Leadership Crisis.

Her birthday is June 2nd.


...cynical?? Has a more relaxed side, but prefers to look at the world through cigarette-smoke-tinted lenses.

Powers and Abilities

Cynical Lass' wry, acerbic statements expressing her suspicion of others' motives and general contempt for humanity have the power to shock, disrupt the effects of hypnosis or mind control, and on rare occasions even physically jolt her opponents. Her abilities are particularly effective against overly emotional, cheerful, or "sappy" foes. She also has the "withering stare", the focused totality of her cynicism powers.

   "Pure cynicism will always cut through corniness."
—Cynical Lass, The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #30


Cynical Lass typically dresses in a long grey sweatshirt and wrinkled jeans. She smokes cigarettes almost constantly.


She was awarded Accies:Favorite Supporting Character in 2000, and RACCies:Favorite Supporting Character in 2009. No need for a spotlight, huh