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Easily-Discovered Man is a net.hero created by Rob Rogers. He is the title character of the ongoing series The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man.
Alter Ego: Theodore Wong
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), faculty at Dave Thomas Deluxe University
Usability: Usable With Permission


For most of his life, Professor Theodore Wong has wanted to be a super-hero more than anything else in the world. That's why, at a time in his life when other men his age were raising their second child or investing in quick-yielding derivatives, Wong doused himself with radiation in hopes of gaining super powers.

However, Wong's newfound abilities to glow and become noticeable impressed neither criminals nor the members of the Legion of Net.Heroes, who rejected Easily-Discovered Man's initial bid for membership. Undaunted, the Professor gained a sidekick, Easily-Discovered Man Lite, and a reputation for his enthusiastic, if not particularly effective, opposition to the forces of evil. At some point, the LNH was persuaded to take him on as a member, possibly just to keep an eye on him.

When Wong was temporarily incapacitated by the villain Deathstocker, Substitute Lad took over the role of Easily-Discovered Man for several months. During that time, Wong inadvertently became a member of the InterKnights, a team of British super-heroes.


Easily-Discovered Man will always do what he considers to be "the heroic thing." While in all other circumstances the Professor is an intelligent, rational individual with great reserves of understanding and depth, he becomes an utter fanatic when confronted with any situation which seems to require the abilities of a super-hero. Wong will charge blindly ahead regardless of danger, expense, or practicality if he believes it is something that Captain America or Superman would be likely to do.

While many super-heroes (and villains) dismiss Easily-Discovered Man as an addle-brained fool with the heroic prowess of a Chia Pet, others respect and some actually admire his single-minded devotion to his goals. The Professor, in turn, has the greatest degree of admiration for all fellow super-heroes, and will do anything he can to support and defend them whenever possible.

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Powers and Abilities

As Easily-Discovered Man, Wong does have the power to glow in the dark and be detected by anyone with a Geiger counter at a distance of ten miles or less. His only real power, however, is his steadfast conviction to pursue what he believes is the life of the ideal super-hero.

   "I have seen our destiny, Lite. I know that you and I are champions, who have saved humankind and will do so again and again, not by chance or trickery but because a true hero shapes the universe around him, tames it, calls it to do his bidding even as he is called to enforce its codes of justice. If you cannot yet see this, Lite, I ask you to trust my vision, and to believe that one day you too will see yourself not in the eyes of the world, but as you truly are."
—Easily-Discovered Man, The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #30


As a super-hero, Easily-Discovered Man believes it his his duty to affect an heroic style of speaking. He will always use the longest, most descriptive words possible in his everyday speech, and will never pass up the opportunity to pontificate about the nature of good and evil, the myriad trials and duties of a super-hero, or any other topic which happens to cross his mind. While the things Professor Wong says are often illuminating and insightful, the way in which he says them can be tremendously irritating.

Although he has the grace of a gentleman and the mind of a master scholar, Easily-Discovered Man has the taste of a Las Vegas decorator. His costume is frighteningly garish: a fluorescent green jumpsuit with orange gloves, turquoise boots and a chartreuse cape and cowl that match the smiley face symbol on his chest. His vehicle -- the Easily-Discovered Van -- is beyond the limits of human speech to describe.

   "It was hard to imagine a conglomeration of colors, shapes, and mismatched designs that could have been constructed in a way to cause more damage to anyone's sense of good taste. From the fluorescent pink flashing lights on the roof to the teal blinking fuzzy dice on the dashboard to the grotesque multicolored Mount Rushmore-style mural on the side of the van we were facing (with the heads of the Presidents replaced by, respectively, Andy Warhol, John Travolta, Dan Rather and Meat Loaf), the vehicle mounted a full-fledged attack on the senses I had not seen equaled since "Dance Fever" had gone off the air."
—Easily-Discovered Man Lite, The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #6


Theodore Wong is separated from his wife, Irene. Both she and daughter Jennifer have opposed Wong's super-hero career. Wong has attempted to reconcile with his wife and daughter several times, though that did not prevent him from asking Writer's Block Woman for a date.

His alternate-universe counterparts include Easily-Dejected Man of the Oddball Legion.


Easily-Discovered Man's rogues gallery includes perpetual nemeses Plummet, Can't Get a Break at the Lights, Man and the Waffle Queen, as well as lesser-known foes such as Barrage, Deathstocker, the Death Thoreaus, My-Dall, Man of 1,000,000 Mood Swings and the Deadly Faux of Easily-Discovered Man, which includes his Oddballverse counterpart, Easily-Dejected Man. He has also battled some of the Legion of Net.Heroes' most powerful enemies, including Color Error Man, Doctor Killfile, the Pencil Rain and Pointless Death Man.


EDM won Accies:Favorite LNHer in the 1993 and 2002 Accies.