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The Omaha Project is probably the most infamous of all Classic LNH Cascades, featuring the work of doomed souls including Benjamin Pierce, Russ Allbery, David Anastasion, Chris Sypal, Rob Rogers, David R. Henry, Arthur Spitzer, K. Michael Wilcox, Mike Escutia, and Steinar Bergstol.


The entire cascade sprung from a well-intentioned but spammy post, crossposted to many different newsgroups including alt.comics.lnh, asking for help forming a list of people who lived in the Omaha area. Ben Pierce turned it into a story starter, and things steamrolled from there.

There's not a man alive who can explain what actually happened in Omaha Project itself. That said, it more or less involved the Mister Paprika Company's experiments to breach the Fifth Wall, and the reality-warping shenanigans that ensued. It crossed over with Pliable Lad and Robot Invasion, and also with Retcon Hour, which just increased the confusion factor of the Hour and the Project both.

Where to Read

For those who dare read this dread cascade, it can be found on the Eyrie Archive over here, and also reposted as part of Arthur Spitzer's "Classic LNH Adventures":


In Saviors of the Net, it was revealed that Doctor Net.ropolis was employed at the Omaha Project, and she had flung herself through the crack in the Fifth Wall, giving her an understanding of the nature of Looniversal reality.

Pliable Lad's cosmic journey during Pliable Lad Annual #1 crossed over, years later, with Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending.