Saviors of the Net (series)

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Saviors of the Net was a Chaotic Add-On Cascade set in the Classic Looniverse, kicked off by Arthur Spitzer and written part in 1998 and part in 2000.


A new net.hero team has shown up on the streets of Net.ropolis, and they're stealing the LNH's thunder. But is there more to the Saviors of the Net than it seems? Who is pulling their strings? What did Doctor Net.ropolis do? And why can't anyone remember?

Contributing Writers


The First Half

The Second Half

After the Mechanical Author retconned away everyone's memories of the Saviors of the Net, life in the Looniverse went back to normal and the Saviors series went on hiatus for a couple of years. It wasn't until the end of the Mutton Mania cascade in 2000 that Marc Singer resurrected the series, by making Mutton's epi-epilogue Saviors of the Net #13.