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The Mark Gruenwald of the LNH, Saxon Brenton knows everything there is to know about LNH history and then some. His work on Limp-Asparagus Lad and Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 has been instrumental in defining and exploring the history and nature of the Looniverse.

He's written many chapters for add-on cascades, and has been an architect behind crossovers like Flame Wars IV and War Without Worlds. He's also worked in other LNH imprints, writing Bluey and Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade for the NTB, The Devil Came Down to Georgia for LNHY, and several short pieces for LNH20.

He's also been a tireless cheerleader for RACC (even though he insists it's just for his own benefit), writing End of Month Reviews to catalogue and review the group's output.

He has achieved the singular honor (?) of having four different cascades named after him. A more distinct honor is the fact that he's won RACCies:Favorite Writer seven times (and Accies:Favorite Writer four). He's pretty great, is what people think.

His LNH work can be found on the Blue Light Productions webpage.

Pointless Awards Man III is his Real World Minus One counterpart.

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