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The original Legion of Net.Heroes, defending the Loonivearth and battling every villain in Looniverse-A!


The prototypical version of the Legion of Net.Heroes was founded by Boy Lad in the 1920s-1930s. (It is not clear whether this version of the team had any other members, other than dubiously existing ones such as Exclusionary Boy, who could never make the meetings.) After its end, other hero teams such as the Society of Wireless Heroes, the Net.tastic Nine and the Legion of Net.Hippies took its place.

The Legion in its modern form came together some time before 1992, though exactly when depends on the story. But the adventure that brought them to the attention of world was the Cosmic Plot Device Caper! Since then, they have battled evils great and small, bringing together net.heroes from all over the world!

Area of Operations

Their home base is in the Legion of Net.Heroes Headquarters (popularly known as the LNHQ) in the city of Net.ropolis. They have the capability to intervene in crises all over the world, and some ability to travel to other planets and star systems, and between dimensions and newsgroups.


The team generally has a roster that can be measured in the mid-hundreds[1], though while the LNH Registration Act was in effect, it ballooned to the tens of thousands. It's rare that the entire roster is called to a mission, except in times of major world/universe-level threat. The team often functions as a "home base" for smaller sub-units known as subgroups, who more often go on missions together.

Many of the members have "useless" powers, including the founding members, though these powers are often more useful than one may think. See Category:Classic LNH Members.

Team Leaders


  1. The Infinite Leadership Crisis was an event where every member of the LNH became leader for a day, and it went on for 465 days. However, there were some days when there was more than one assigned leader (such as when Suddenly Exploding Boy! became leader for a very brief period, then leadership passed to FAQ Boy), and several beings who weren't technically LNHers, such as the Door Warden and various Kiwis, became leader. Nevertheless, "about 465" is probably an accurate estimate of the 2007-era LNH's size.